Filter Coffee (aka Kumbakonam Degree coffee)

If you are from South Indian family, definitely your morning never start without cup of coffee. The aroma of coffee blend with milk + sugar takes you to heaven. I am not avid lover of coffee. Infact I have a belief that coffee makes you to get grey hair soon.I started loving coffee only after I came aboard to study. Frankly to say, now I become addicted to that.Initially I used to have Instant coffee from Nescafe. Though it tastes very good, but it never compete with Home made filter coffee. Yes whenever I go India, my FIL used to get me best filter coffee powder with proper amount of chicory. This time I have got Coffee Filter to quench my addiction.Filter coffee never can be compared with instant ones. There are some secret formulae to brew the best filter coffee. One secret formula is not to add too much water, which will end up with thin decoction.On the other way, we dont want too thick as well. It has to be in medium right consistency. But all of these things also depends how much coffee powder you going to add.Another thing is dont ever reheat the decoction alone. It will spoil the taste. I prefer to have fresh decoction and fresh milk all the time when I prepare coffee. Of all the most important thing is to choose good coffee powder. If you choose wrong flavoured one, it never compromise the taste.And never ever store / keep the coffee powder for long period of time. I suggest to use within 1-2 months after opening to maintain the aroma.I have shown here the picture of my stainless steel coffee filter. It has 2 compartment, one upper with so many tiny holes and the lower one to collect the decoction. In short, coffee preparation is not big talent, but all you need is right ingredients with right composition. I am sharing my way of brewing degree coffee. Lets go for the recipe.

Ingredients :

Coffee powder (I am using Leo coffee, shown below)
Coffee filter
Milk (i am using full cream milk)

Method :

 Heat the upper part of coffee filter (the one with many tiny holes) directly in the flame for 2-3 mins. This helps to clear if there is any blocks in the filer hole and also helps to dry the filter prior adding coffee powder.

Now put the upper part to the lower part of the filter.(Be extra care as it will be very hot.Add 2 tbsp of coffee powder on the upper part of the filter. In the mean time, take a pan, add 1 cup of water and bring it to nice rolling boil.Now pour the boiling water to the filter containing coffee powder.Cover the filter with the filter lid and leave it undisturbed for 12-15 minutes. In few minutes, coffee decoction will be collected in the lower part of the filter container. This decoction is the 1st degree decoction and it will give perfect degree coffee. If need, you can add more boiling water and collect decoction.(But it wont be that much perfect strength degree decoction). Now the decoction is ready.

In the mean time, add 2 cup of fresh milk and bring it to boil. Take 3/4 cup of boiled milk, add required amount of decoction (around 2-3 tbsp, depends on taste) and sugar.(It depends on your taste how you want coffee to be. If you want mild, you can reduce decoction amount). Serve hot and frothy in Dabara and Tumbler.Always drink coffee hot to get away morning blues.(Don reheat it if its not hot, It will spoil the taste. In case if you want to reheat, place the coffee cup/tumbler over a cup of water in a wide saucepan and heat the water).

Enjoy authentic Filter coffee aka kumbakonam degree coffee !!


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