Paal Pongal (Milk pongal)

Paal pongal is my all time favourite festival recipe. The preparation method is very similar to Sakkara Pongal. In India, we used to prepare this Paal pongal together with Sweet pongal during Pongal season. There is some norm / tradition behind preparing this recipe.  In India, this festival is celebrated for 3 days. The first day being Boghi, second day called " Thai Pongal" and third day "Maatu pongal or Kannu pongal". As well, we south Indians used to paint the entire house, decorate everywhere and put kolams with colour powders. And during Boghi (the first day of Pongal), we used to burn unwanted & old things with the saying "Pazhayana Kazhithalum Pudhiyana Varuthalum", which means " all evil dragon and bad sprit go away and all good things on the way".  Nowadays even in some villages they still follow the tradition of burning unlike city life which is mainly concerned of pollution. Things getting changed every day. Atleast to follow the tradition ,if not able to burn old things, lets burn all ill habits such as enmity, vengeance and bad thoughts from us. Lets happily celebrate this Pongal and May God bless all.

Paal pongal is similar to Sakkara Pongal recipe except we cook entire thing in Milk. This is perfect recipe for milk lovers. In my recipe, I have added Safforn soaked in Milk. Its just to get the colour and nice flavour. Try this recipe and your lovable comments are always welcome.

Ingredients :

Rice - 3/4 cup
Sugar candy (Kalkandu) - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Milk - 2 1/4 cup
Elachi powder - 1 tbsp
Cashews - 4 (Broken)
Raisin - 1 tbsp
Safforn - few strands
Ghee - 3 tbsp

Method :

In a pan, add ghee, roast broken cashews and raisin till it become brown. Dont burn it.  Keep it aside.
Soak few strands of safforn in warm milk for atleast 20 mins. As well soak the rice in water for about 30 mins.  After 30 mins, drain the excess water from rice. 

In a pan, add 1 tsp of ghee add the soaked rice. Add 1 1/2 cup of milk and allow it to boil. Always do it in low medium flame to avoid burning and overflow. Keep stirring and allow it to cook. (If need you can pressure cook it for 3 whistles). Once done, mash it completely with laddle head.

Now add powdered kalkandu-sugar, elachi powder and rest of the milk. Allow it to boil till it thickens. If the pongal become too thick, add 1 more cup of milk and stir continuously. Once it become thick, add the soaked safforn and mix it gently. I love the light yellow colour because of my safforn. Finally add cashews and raisins & mix it gently. 

Serve hot topped with a tbsp of Ghee.


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