Masala paal (Spiced milk)

My family is an avid lovers of spices.I have a habit that I cannot sustain without drinking milk before  go for sleep. It was raining in my place and I dont want to drink tea and spoil my sleep. So I thought i can add Tea masala with some almonds and nuts to my milk. It ended up with my own version of Masala paal.

Masala paal is blend with nuts and flavoured with safforn. Safforn gives orange-yellow colour with nice aroma.

Here goes my recipe.

Ingredients :

Milk - 250ml
Safforn - a pinch
Almonds - 5 to 6
Pista - 3 to 4 
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp
Palm sugar -2 tbsp
Turmeric - small pinch

Masala :

Cinnamon stick -1
Cloves -2
Cardamom -2
Tejpata (Bay leaves) -1
Black pepper -1/2 tsp

(Ps : Dry roast all the above ingredients in a low flame for 1-2 minutes, powder these mixture and store it in an airtight container. I use this masala to prepare Spiced tea ) as well.

Method :

Soak almonds and pista for 2-3 prior to the preparation. (You can also soak  in hot water for 20-30 minutes if in rush). Peel off the skin and grind it to smooth paste. Boil the milk, add a pinch of turmeric, safforn and cardamom powder.Reduce the flame to low, add the ground nuts paste, palm sugar and 1/4 tsp of Masala. Let it simmer for 5-6 minutes under low flame. You can find a nice aroma with spices and nuts.

Garnish with safforn and chopped pistas. 

Enjoy yummy spiced milk !! Slurp..


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