Medhu vadai

Whenever I prepare Ven pongal for my breakfast, Vadai will come together. Yes Its high calorie morning food, especially to kick off monday morning blues. When it comes to Vadai, the most important thing is the dough making, which plays a role in getting soft, proper shaped vadai. Urad dhal plays unique role in getting fluffy soft vadai. The best way to get fluffy dough is to grind in Grinder rather doing in Mixie. Another important thing is sprinking water little by little (Not too much) and always grind to proper consistency helps to give fluffy soft. I prefer to soak urad dhal and 1 tbsp of rice to get crispy vadas. This time some how managed to get fluffy soft vadai and would like to post it for today's recipe. 

Ingredients :

Raw rice - 2 tbsp
Urad dhal - 1 cup
Green chilli -3
Onion - 1 big
Pepper powder - 1 tsp
Hing - 1/2 tsp
Ginger -1 tbsp (Finely chopped)
Curry leaves - 1 spring
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Method :

Clean ,wash and soak Urad dhal  with 2 tbsp of raw rice for 2 hours. Dont exceed the soaking time as it make vadai to drink too much oil when frying.  Drain water from soaked dhal and grind it in Grinder till you get fluffy soft dough. Dont add too much water. Sprinkle water little by little while grinding. You can add ginger and green chillis while grinding the batter as well. This will add flavour to the batter. Add curry leaves to the batter. Mix it well and add salt to it.

Now chop onions, hing and add 1 tbsp of Pepper powder to the batter. Mix it well. I suggest to refridgerate the batter for 30 mins before making vadas.  

In a deep pan, add enough oil for frying. Now wet your hands and make small balls from the dough. Pat it and make a hole in the centre using your thumb finger. Upturn your hand and drop the vadai to the pan containing oil. Deep fry it to golden brown.Drain the excess oil in paper towel. Serve with Sambar and Ven pongal. Enjoy your breakfast!!


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